St. Margaret of Scotland Prize

Each year the Program in Medieval Studies awards the National Guild of St. Margaret of Scotland Prize for the best BA paper on a medieval topic. Recipients are not required to be majors in Medieval Studies. In order to be considered for this honor, students must be nominated by their faculty adviser by April 15. The faculty adviser should send a nomination email to the Director of the Medieval Studies Program. The student will then be asked to provide:

  • A cover letter including the student's name, title of BA paper, names of readers, major/s and minor/s
  • A copy of the BA paper rough draft*

The winner will be announced in late May or early June. Congratulations to these past winners:

  • Julia Martinez (BA'19), "The Spiritual Consequence of Grendel's Onslaught in Beowulf"
  • Anna Carroll (BA'18), "Deciphering the Basilica of San Vitale: An Iconographic Analysis of the Apse and Presbytery Mosaics"
  • Ryan Eisenman (BA'17), "Narratio lemovicense: Artistic Innovation and Identity on Enameled Chasses of Ss. Valerie and Thomas Becket, ca. 1190-1225"
  • Nicholas Posegay (BA '16), "To Belabor the Points: The Influence of Arabic on Babylonian Hebrew Vocalization"
  • Mihow McKenny (BA '15), "Salvation through Art: Sacramental Penance in Dante's Divine Comedy"
  • Alexandra Peters (BA '14), "Evolution through Edits, Erasures, and Emendations: Alfonso X, the Estoria de Espanna Manuscripts and the Creation of a Political Ideology in Thirteenth-Century Castile-Leon"
  • Alice Blackwood (BA '13), "Robin Hood as a Festive Figurehead for Local Autonomy in the 16th Century"
  • Jake Ransohoff (BA '12), "From Bulgarian Prince to Byzantine Proedros: Samuil Alousianos, the Alousianos Family, and the Anatomy of Bulgarian Assimilation in Eleventh Century Byzantium (c. 1019-1081)"

*Due to the early submission deadline for this prize, the final copy of the BA thesis is not required. A rough draft of the student's BA paper fulfills this requirement.

Nicholson B.A. Thesis Prize

The Nicholson Center for British Studies is pleased to announce a cash prize for the best senior B.A. thesis based on the use of primary materials in the area of British Studies in any concentration or discipline. For the purposes of this competition, British Studies is broadly defined to include the British Isles or any of its former colonies. In the latter case, topics should involve the former colonial relationship in some way. For more information on requirements and deadlines, please visit this website.