University of Chicago Alumni Network


Please get in touch with any of our recently graduated students; they'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about what you can do with a degree in Medieval Studies.

Read about an alumna in the University of Chicago Magazine. Mortician, medievalist, and video sage Caitlin Doughty tries to change the way Americans think about death.

Luke Bretscher, Class of 2015. After graduating, Luke started working as a web developer for the Numina Group, a firm which provides order fulfillment and distribution systems

Abigail Kraft, Class of 2009. After graduating, Abigail enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program at National-Louis University to teach science as well as history in secondary school.

Nick Lurquin, Class of 2014. Upon graduation, Nick became a manager at Mariano's Fresh Market.

Alexandra Peters, Class of 2014. Alexandra worked at the University of Chicago for a year before becoming a PhD Candidate in History, also at the University of Chicago, studying medieval Spain.

Jason Ralph, Class of 2009. Jason became a PhD Candidate at Northwestern University focusing on how conflicts over the universities in late medieval Germany created and contested the financial and legal networks that defined the Protestant Reformation.

Jake Ransohoff, Class of 2012. After graduating from UofC, Jake spent a year researching in the Republic of Macedonia and participating in excavations at a Byzantine archaeological site thanks to a Fulbright. Following this, Jake became a doctoral student in History at Harvard, focusing on the social and political history of Byzantium and the Medieval Balkans in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Sarah Reeser, Class of 2010. Following her BA at UChicago, Sarah completed an MA in Medieval Studies and then pursued a doctoral program for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, working on such topics as the use of space in pilgrimage churches and shrines and the influence of the Crusades and Reconquista on Early Modern Latin America.

Blair Thornburgh, Class of 2012. Blair moved to Philadelphia to work as an editorial assistant at Quirk Books and also published a book, Stuff Every College Student Should Know. The University of Chicago Magazine published an article about Blair and her book that you can read here.

Aaron Vanides, Class of 2010. Aaron was admitted into the doctoral program in Medieval Studies at Yale, where he became one of the organizers for the Yale Lecture in Medieval Studies. Among other projects, Aaron's dissertation focuses on analyzing public speech at the Council of Constance.